Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 12

25 September 1962 / Report from Zakharov and Fokin to the TsK KPSS on the execution of Operation Anadyr

Top Secret      

Especially Urgent

 only copy      

Presidium of the TsK KPSS

            We hereby report:

            1. Anadyr activities are being carried out based on the approved plan [words missing]. As of 25.9.62 114 ships have been dispatched, and [words missing] have arrived in Cuba, and 36 ships remain to be sent.

            The plan to ferry the troops has been accelerated: the loading operation will be complete by [words missing] October, and the arrival will end by 3-5 November.

            There are already 30,330 individuals in Cuba with the corresponding [equipment].

            The R-12 missile regiments will complete their build-up in Cuba by 5 October.

           The R-14 missile regiments will be loading from 2 to 20 October and [words missing] concentration in Cuba before 5 November.

            2. Owing to the fact that dispatching the fleet’s surface ships with [the equipment?] at the present time would draw the attention of the entire world, and not in the Soviet Union’s favor, it seems necessary that the surface ships not yet be sent to Cuba.

            3. To strengthen the defense of Cuba, Pliyev’s group would receive the [6]9th torpedo submarine brigade consisting of four Project 641 diesel-electric submarines and 22 torpedoes each, for a total of 88 torpedoes, and of those, 4 with nuclear warheads.  Torpedo firing range 19 km.

            The brigade is to be dispatched on 1 October from Kola Bay, with an estimated arrival date in Cuba of 1 November.

            4. To ship the special ammunition, in the quantity of 68 units, consisting of 24 units for the R-14 and 44 units for the FKR-1, designate the transport ALEKSANDROVSK, with loading at Severomorsk.  Transport speed 13-14 miles per hour.  The transport ALEKSANDROVSK is to be armed with two 37mm automatic guns.

            The transport ALEKSANDROVSK is to be dispatched on 7 October with an arrival in Cuba between 22-25 October.

            In order to provide escort for the transport during the sea transit, designate a second transport vessel, which will follow in visual range.

            For purposes of protecting the transport ALEKSANDROVSK in her transit to Cuba, designate a Project 627 nuclear-powered torpedo submarine, armed with [words missing] torpedoes, one of which carries a special warhead, filled and fused. Firing range of the torpedo is 19-24 km.

            The nuclear-powered submarine, out of consideration of secrecy, will travel to Cuba during the most critical portion of the transit directly [ahead of?] the transport.

            5. As for the transport INDIGIRKA, carrying special warheads, [words missing] her escort using the transport BERDYANSK, with other vessels heading to Cuba keeping track of her, and dispatch to an area south of Bermuda the Project 611 diesel electric torpedo submarine B-75, currently conducting reconnaissance along the American coast.

            The submarine B-75 carries 22 torpedoes with a firing range of 11 km.  The submarine will be located in the area through which the transport will travel.

            Request approval.


                                                                        M. Zakharov


                                                                        V. Fokin

25 September 1962

Reported to the MO [Minister of Defense] in the presence of the NGSh [Chief of the General Staff] and the NOOU [Chief of the Main Operations Directorate], 27.09.62. [signature illegible]

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