Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 5

14 April 1962 – KGB Chairman Semichastnyy’s report to the TsK KPSS on Valdez’s statements regarding Cuban support to the revolutionary movement in Latin America Top Secret                              14 April 1962                                                                          TsK KPSS             In addition to the previously briefed information (No. 796-S, dated 4 April 1962), I am reporting on the statements of theContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 5”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 4

4 April 1962 – KGB Chairman Semichastnyy’s report to the TsK KPSS on the Valdez visit to Moscow             4 April 1962                                                                            TsK KPSS             The Cuban Minister of Internal Affairs Ramiro VALDEZ MENENDEZ, upon his return to Havana after his March 1962 visit to the Soviet Union, in a conversation with a member ofContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 4”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 3

Document 3: 12 March 1962: Report from A. Adzhubey regarding his trip to the US and meeting with President Kennedy SECRET TsK KPSS             During my time in the United States, Brazil, and on the way to Mexico, I had several meetings with US President John Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy, and a number ofContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 3”

Cuban Missile Crisis: Document 2

Document 2: 2 September 1961 – B. Ponomarev report on Blas Roca‘s reception in the TsK KPSS [Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union] and attachment (text of Fidel Castro‘s message to the TsK KPSS) Secret TsK KPSS 32949 2 SEP 1961 TO THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE KPSS Arriving in Moscow,Continue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis: Document 2”