Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 11

18 September 1962 / Report from Zakharov and Fokin to Khrushchev on Soviet Navy’s plans to support Operation Anadyr

   Top Secret

Copy No. 1

Defense Council

To N. S. Khrushchev / Eyes Only

            We are hereby reporting the transition plan of Naval ships for Operation Anadyr.

            For Operation Anadyr, the following are being dispatched:

            – seven Project 629 guided missile submarines from the Northern Fleet;

            – four Project 641 torpedo submarines from the Northern Fleet;

            – two Project 68-bis cruisers: MIKHAIL KUTUZOV from the Black Sea Fleet and SVERDLOV from the Red Banner Baltic Fleet;

            – two Project 57-bis guided missile ships from the Black Sea Fleet;

            – two Project 56 destroyers from the Northern Fleet;

            – two submarine tenders and other auxiliary vessels.

            Organizationally, the submarines and surface ships are grouped together into a warship detachment, comprising:

            – a submarine squadron, made up from the guided submarine division and torpedo submarine brigade;

            – a surface ship squadron, which includes the cruisers, guided missile ships, and destroyers;

            – an auxiliary ship group.

            Projected to join the detachment is a transport with special cargo, which is completing her journey together with a squadron of submarines.

            The command of the warship detachment is entrusted to Vice Admiral S. M. Podov, First Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet.

            The detachment commander, along with his staff, will be aboard the cruiser M. KUTUZOV during the transit.

            The transit of the Naval ship detachment to Cuba will be carried out in full combat readiness.  The voyage will take up to 32 days, during which 2-3 days will be spent conducting maneuvers.

            The 9 November arrival date for the ships into Cuba calls for the submarines to depart base on 7 October, auxiliary vessels – 9-12 October, and surface ships – 19-21 October.

            The warship detachment voyage is slated to be carried out in three stages:

            1st stage: the submarines and surface ships are to travel to the training area lying to the south of the Bermuda islands;

            2nd stage: the submarines and surface ships conduct ocean maneuvers;

            3rd stage: the warship detachment travels from the training area to Cuba.

            During the first stage of the transit, the submarine and surface ship formations travel separately, in groups.

            The squadron of submarines with the tenders and transport carrying the special cargo will depart on 7 October from Kola Bay and proceed to the training area via the passage between Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

            For purposes of concealment, the submarines will travel submerged during the day, and surfaced at night, with an average daily speed of 7-8 miles per hour.

            The cruiser SVERDLOV will depart on 20 October from Baltiysk to the North Sea, where she will be joined by the destroyers, which will be departing from Kola Bay on 19 October.

            Next, these ships will proceed through the English Channel toward the Azores, where they will form up with the M. KUTUZOV and the guided missile ships, which will begin traveling from Sevastopol on 20 October.

            From the Azores, the entire surface ship squadron will travel to the training area at a speed of 16 miles per hour.

            The auxiliary vessels will depart their bases in two groups: rescue vessels and the military transport – from Kola Bay o 12 October; the water tender and military transport – from Sevastopol on 9 October.

            Both groups will carry out their voyage independently, at a speed of 8-10 miles per hour, along the same routes as the surface ships, but without entering the training area.

            The Navy Main Staff will orchestrate their passage to the ocean.  Upon entering the ocean, the commander of the warship detachment and his staff will direct the entire detachment.

            The commander of the detachment will personally receive instruction and all guidance regarding the transit route, organization of training, weapons employment capabilities, and situational information.

            Upon arriving in Cuba, the entire detachment will become part of the Group of Forces under the command of Comrade Pliyev.

                        [signed]           Zakharov

                        [signed]           Fokin

18 September 1962

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