Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 25

27 October 1962 / Malinovskiy’s order to Pliyev to dispatch ALEKSANDROVSK TOP SECRET (when filled in) To TsK KPSS, Comrade A.K. SEROV COPY OF OUTGOING TELEGRAM No. 20109                         TROSTNIK                 to Comrade PAVLOV Re: No. 8/162             ALEKSANDROVSK is to be dispatched to the Soviet Union under escort by motorship BRATSK.             Report when sheContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 25”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 20

25 October 1962 / Order from Malinovskiy to Pliyev TOP SECRET TROSTNIK to Comrade PAVLOV eyes only             Because the US Navy is blocking approaches to Cuba, we have taken the decision to not send the 665 and 668 PR [Missile Regiments] to you.  You are to not offload the warheads for the R-14 fromContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 20”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 14

5 October 1962 / Report by Malinovskiy on the Nuclear Ammunition for Operation Anadyr Top Secret       Especially Urgent  only copy       Eyes Only To the TsK KPSS Comrade F.R. Kozlov             I hereby report:             In accordance with the Anadyr plan of action, as approved by the Presidium of the TsK KPSS, a second shipment ofContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 14”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 12

25 September 1962 / Report from Zakharov and Fokin to the TsK KPSS on the execution of Operation Anadyr Top Secret       Especially Urgent  only copy       Presidium of the TsK KPSS             We hereby report:             1. Anadyr activities are being carried out based on the approved plan [words missing]. As of 25.9.62 114 ships haveContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 12”