Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 13

29 September 1962 / Report from Ivanov to Malinovskiy on the conduct of Operation Anadyr

Top Secret      

Especially Urgent

 only copy      

to Marshal of the Soviet Union

Comrade R.Ya. Malinovskiy

            I hereby report:

            As of 29 September the following primary units and formations have arrived in Cuba:

            – Rocket Forces – contingents from two R-12 missile regiments (10 launchers and 19 missiles);

            – PVO [Air Defense] forces – the 10th and 11th PVO Divisions consisting of six S-75 surface-to-air missile regiments (24 battalions, 576 missiles);

            – VVS [Air Force] – one FKR-1 regiment (10 launchers and 20 missiles), one fighter air regiment (47 airplanes), a helicopter regiment (28 helicopters), and a composite air squadron (11 airplanes);

            – VMF [Navy] – one brigade of missile boats (12 boats and 28 missiles), one Sopka coastal missile regiment (8 launchers and 34 missiles);

            – Ground Forces – four motorized infantry regiments (141 tanks, [words missing] SAU [self-propelled artillery mounts], 102 guns and mortars, 27 PTURS [anti-tank guided missile launchers]). En route is one tank battalion from the 314th OMSP [independent motorized infantry regiment].

            In all, 30,938 personnel have arrived.

            Of the arriving troops, the following have been brought into readiness to conduct combat tasks: the 17th Sopka Missile Regiment, and the 302nd, 400th, and 496th OMSP; completion of preparations for combat alert beginning 1 October – the 11th PVO Division in full strength, and one ZENRAP [surface-to-air missile regiment] from the 10th PVO Division, the 32nd IAP [fighter air regiment], 41st Missile Boat Brigade, and beginning 10 October, two ZENRAP from the 10th PVO division.

            We believe it will be possible and necessary to send to Cuba a small group of generals and officers to inspect the location, bring the PVO and aviation troops into readiness, and to check whether or not the data and positions [words missing] missile specialists are being properly prepared.

           Group composition – 8 individuals, senior official – General Colonel [words missing] Comrade N.G. Seleznev.

            Time of dispatch – 7 October on a Tu-114 airliner.

            Request approval.

                        General Colonel


                                                            S.P. Ivanov

29 September 1962

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