Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 5

14 April 1962 – KGB Chairman Semichastnyy’s report to the TsK KPSS on Valdez’s statements regarding Cuban support to the revolutionary movement in Latin America Top Secret                              14 April 1962                                                                          TsK KPSS             In addition to the previously briefed information (No. 796-S, dated 4 April 1962), I am reporting on the statements of theContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 5”

Cuban Missile Crisis: Document 1

The first set of documents I’ll be translating and posting over the coming weeks are from those donated to the National Security Archive by Russian historian Sergo Mikoyan dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis. There are 60 documents in all, and will be of interest to Cold War historians and those interested in Soviet, Russian,Continue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis: Document 1”