Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 32

29 October 1962 / Enciphered cable from Havana, from Alekseyev on his conversation with Fidel Castro TOP SECRET Reproduction prohibited Copy No. 12 6216/sh           30/X/62 Enciphered Cable [Translator’s note: Distribution for this cable is as follows: Brezhnev, Voronov, Kirilenko, Kozlov, Kosygin, Kuusinen, Mikoyan, Podgornyy, Polyanskiy, Suslov, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Shvernik, Grishin, Rashidov, Mazurov, Mzhavanadze, Shcherbitskiy, Demichev,Continue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 32”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 28

27 October 1962 / Order from Malinovskiy to Pliyev forbidding use of nuclear weapons without order from Moscow TOP SECRET (when filled in) Reproduction prohibited To TsK KPSS, Comrade A.K. SEROV COPY OF OUTGOING TELEGRAM No. 20076                         TROSTNIK                 to Comrade PAVLOV Re: No. 8/154             It is expressly confirmed that employing nuclear weapons fromContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 28”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 9

8 September 1962 / Instructions to the Commander of the Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba on the delivery of Il-28 airplanes and Luna installations TO THE COMMANDER OF THE GROUP OF SOVIET FORCES IN CUBA             In order to reinforce the Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba and increase the capability to combat enemyContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 9”