Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 23

27 October 1962 / Directive from the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee in response to PAVLOV’s enciphered cable Communist Party of the Soviet Union CENTRAL COMMITTEE TOP SECRET No. P62/P To Comrades Khrushchev, Malinovskiy Extract from record No. 62 of the meeting of the Presidium of the TsK KPSS from 27 October 1962 TelegramContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 23”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 15

22 October 1962 / Order from Malinovskiy to Pliyev TOP SECRET TROSTNIK to Comrade PAVLOV             Due to a possible assault landing in Cuba by the Americans currently conducting maneuvers in the Caribbean Sea, take immediate steps to increase combat readiness and repel the enemy through the combined forces of the Cuban Army and allContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 15”