Details of Publication of New Declassified Soviet Space Program Documents

The Roskosmos website already boasts an impressive cache of declassified documents from the earliest days of space travel research through the latter days of Soyuz. On 16 March, they revealed a new addition to this archive, one featuring information (including photographic- and video-based) on the 21+ day space flight of the Soviet dogs Veterok and Ugolyok – including preparations for the space flight, recovery, and post-recovery tests.

The collection features 36 multi-page PDFs dating from February 1965 – a year out from the February 1966 launch – to October 1966. In addition, there are 36 photos with accompanying text, and approximately 50 minutes of video (spread across six clips). All of the material is in the original Russian language.

To access the newest additions to the Roskosmos collection, click here.

Published by misterestes

Professional RU-EN translator with a love for books and movies, old and new, and a passion for translating declassified documents. Call me Doc. Nobody else does.

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