Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 35

Approximately 5 November 1962 / Enciphered cable from Malinovskiy to Pliyev TOP SECRET TROSTNIK to Comrade PAVLOV             After conversion training for the Cubans, weapons are to be handed over to Cuba within the following time frames:             MSP [motorized rifle regiment] – 3-4 months;             PVO [air defense] and VMF [Navy] – 8-10 months;Continue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 35”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 13

29 September 1962 / Report from Ivanov to Malinovskiy on the conduct of Operation Anadyr Top Secret       Especially Urgent  only copy       to Marshal of the Soviet Union Comrade R.Ya. Malinovskiy             I hereby report:             As of 29 September the following primary units and formations have arrived in Cuba:             – Rocket Forces – contingentsContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 13”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 8

8 September 1962  / Instructions from Malinovskiy and Zakharov to the Commander of the Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba Top Secret                   Especially Urgent       Eyes Only to the Commander of the Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba             The temporary location of Soviet Armed Forces on Cuban territory is necessary for the provision ofContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 8”