Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 31

28 October 1962 / Enciphered cable from Mainovskiy to Pliyev forbidding use of fighter aviation assets TOP SECRET (when filled in) Reproduction prohibited To TsK KPSS, Comrade A.K. SEROV COPY OF OUTGOING TELEGRAM No. 20150                         TROSTNIK                 to Comrade PAVLOV             In addition to the instruction to not employ the S-75, also accept that fighterContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 31”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 13

29 September 1962 / Report from Ivanov to Malinovskiy on the conduct of Operation Anadyr Top Secret       Especially Urgent  only copy       to Marshal of the Soviet Union Comrade R.Ya. Malinovskiy             I hereby report:             As of 29 September the following primary units and formations have arrived in Cuba:             – Rocket Forces – contingentsContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 13”

Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 7

24 May 1962 – Report from Malinovskiy and Zakharov on Ministry of Defense proposals to reinforce the Group of Forces in Cuba      Top Secret                Especially Urgent       To the Chairman of the Security Council                                     Comrade N. S. Khrushchev I hereby report: I. On the possibility of sending reinforcements to Cuba via aircraftContinue reading “Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 7”