Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 10

15 September 1962 / Report from Zakharov and Ivanov to Kozlov

                                                            Eyes Only                                                       Secret

                                                                                                                                    ekv. yed.

            TsK KPSS

            To Comrade F. R. Kozlov

            I hereby report.

            In keeping with your instructions, the crucially important ship INDIGIRKA set sail on 16 August [sic] 1962.

            For self-defense against pirate ships and airplanes, two automatic 37mm anti-aircraft guns have been mounted on the ship, along with 1200 rounds of ammunition for each.

            Opening fire is authorized only when there is a clear effort to capture or sink the ship, at the decision of the ship’s captain, while simultaneously notifying Moscow.

                                    Chief of the General Staff                  M. Zakharov

                                    Chief of the Main Operations                        S. Ivanov

                                    Directorate of the General


                        16 September 1962

(Handwritten on the document by S. Ivanov: Reported 17.9.62 personally to Comrade Kozlov at 9.10, and then to N. S, Khrushchev at 10.00)

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