Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 20

25 October 1962 / Order from Malinovskiy to Pliyev


TROSTNIK to Comrade PAVLOV eyes only

            Because the US Navy is blocking approaches to Cuba, we have taken the decision to not send the 665 and 668 PR [Missile Regiments] to you.  You are to not offload the warheads for the R-14 from the transport ALEKSANDROVSK. If they have already been offloaded, arrange for them to stealthily be loaded back onto the ALEKSANDROVSK. The transport ALEKSANDROVSK, with the warheads, is to be prepared to be dispatched to the Soviet Union, accompanied by the ALMATYEVSKA.  Remove guns and weapon crews. Thoroughly instruct the ship’s captain and the transport commander on their actions, in accordance with the instructions they have already received.  In a worst case scenario, they are to scuttle the ship.

            Report when the ALEKSANDROVSK is ready to be dispatched.



Translator Note: TROSTNIK was the pseudonym used by Minister of Defense Malinovskiy, and PAVLOV was that used by Commander of the Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba Pliyev.

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