Cuban Missile Crisis, Document 14

5 October 1962 / Report by Malinovskiy on the Nuclear Ammunition for Operation Anadyr

Top Secret      

Especially Urgent

 only copy      

Eyes Only

To the TsK KPSS

Comrade F.R. Kozlov

            I hereby report:

            In accordance with the Anadyr plan of action, as approved by the Presidium of the TsK KPSS, a second shipment of special [nuclear] ammunition has been prepared for dispatch on [text missing].10.62.

            The special ammunition consists of 68 units, of which:

            – 24 are warheads for the R-14 missiles;

            – 44 are warheads for the FKR-1 missiles, loaded onto the transport ALEKSANDROVSK at the port in Severomorsk.

            The transport ALEKSANDROVSK, for self defense against hostile ships or aircraft, has been mounted with three automatic 37mm anti-aircraft guns, with 1200 rounds for each gun.

            Opening fire is ordered when permitted by the captain of the transport, only when there is a clear effort to capture or sink the ship.

            During the ocean transit, the transport will be followed in escort by a second Ministry of the Navy vessel, and will be provided with surveillance by Navy submarines already stationed in the ocean.

            Request permission to dispatch.


                                                                                    R. Malinovskiy

5 October 1962

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